8th Grade Counseling


Welcome to 8th grade at Alton C. Crews  Middle School!  I am Katonia Perdue, the 8th grade counselor This is my fourth year at Alton C. Crews Middle School .  I attended Valdosta State University where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Middle Childhood Education and University of West Georgia for my Master of Education in School Counseling.  Prior to becoming a School counselor, I taught 7th and 8th grade science.  I enjoy working with the middle school age student and have been in Gwinnett County as a counselor since 1997.  I enjoy working with students and teaching them life long skills like conflict resolution and decision making skills.    
As your counselor, my role is to support student achievement by providing counseling services that support student academically, socially and emotionally.  I also support students, parents, and teachers by assisting with academics, attendance and behavior concerns by assisting in SST (Student Support Team) meetings . Please contact me for any reason and I will let you know how I can assist you and your child. 
Ms. Katonia Perdue

Peer Leadership Program

Peerleaders meet  daily during connections. Peerleaders  assist teachers and students in the classroom with one on one tutoring, small group instruction and peer mentoring.  They are assigned to help teachers and office staff .  Peerleaders also assist with 5th grade tours and parent open house.  Peerleaders are interviewed in the spring of their 7th grade year to serve as a peerleader during their 8th grade year. 

​Important Info for Parents of 8th Graders:

​     Please be sure to sign up for the Parent Portal if you have not done so already. The Parent Portal offers parents secure online access to their child's grades, attendance, discipline record, and test history. To register for the portal, you must have an email address and complete a registration form available at the front office. Parents will need to return this form in person and bring valid identification in order for the school to verify your identity.

Classroom Guidance Schedule

​​August /September   -  How to Succeed in 8th Grade/ Sexual Harrassment/ Cyberbulling/Attendance  Protocol              
January/ February – Career Cruising/MOWR
February/ March – Academies Gwinnett/ Technical Schools Gwinnett/ GSMST/
March – Diversity Appreciation

8th Grade Counseling AKS

​*Academic Development
    1. Understand how school success and academic achievement enhance future opportunities.
    2. Demonstrate study skills and habits that can be used in various educational settings.
    3. Identify school rules and student responsibilities and how they contribute to a positive educational environment.
    4. Apply learned strategies to successfully transition to high school. 
*Career Development
    1. Develop a tentative schedule for 9th grade taking into consideration academic strengths, academic majors, and career interests.
     2. Identify how their and talents relate to career choices.
    3. Identify skills and behaviors which will help one be successful in the world of work. 
*Life Skills
    1. Identify skills necessary for dealing with life changes.
    2. Identify ways to recognize and respond to bullying/harassment.

Promotion Criteria for 8th Grade

​To earn promotion to the 9th grade, students are required to pass five out of six subjects each semester. Language Arts and Mathematics must be two of the five subjects passed.
Should a student not earn promotion to 9th grade, he or she may have the opportunity to attend summer school to learn the AKS curriculum not mastered during the school year. Students may attend summer school for no more than two semester-long classes.
In Georgia, 8th grade students also are required to achieve grade-level expectations on the Georgia Milestones End of Grade (EOG) Assessment in Reading and Mathematics. Students who do not achieve the grade-level expectations in these tested content areas will be required to retest after summer school.
A Special Education student’s promotion is determined by his or her Individualized Education Program (IEP).
Promotion for an English Learner (EL) or a student with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) is guided by his or her English Learner Proficiency Plan.
Note: 8th grade students may be required to meet additional state promotion requirements. The Georgia Department of Education will provide guidelines regarding state requirements for promotion to 9th grade later in the school year.

Transition to High School

Articulation dates and activities coming soon...