2018-2019 Recommendation Requirements

Criteria for the 2019 Biology class selection for rising 8th graders:
All A's and B's first semester
At least an 90% in science first semester.
Student is currently taking Accelerated 7th grade math or higher (due to the math requirements associated with taking Physics in 10th grade)
Recommendation of acceleration from science teacher (as this course accelerates a student's science track one academic year).

A rubric is used to calculate a score for each eligible student. This rubric includes a scaled score for the following:
-1st semester math grade
-1st semester science grade
-COGAT Quantitative Score
- COGAT Verval Score
- Reading ITBS NPR.

Based on the rubric, the top 20 students are invited to take the course, and all remaining seats are to be determined by a lottery for the remaining students who meet the score criteria.