Counselors Corner

Meet Our Counselors

Elizabeth Butler, All 6th Grade /  7th Grade Frantz, LeMaster Teams
Office located in Community C (6th grade hall)

Katonia Perdue, All 8th Grade / 7th Grade STEAM Team
Office located in Community B (8th grade hall)

Mission & Beliefs

​The mission of GCPS school counselors is to assist in removing barriers to students’ academic achievements and to promote a safe and secure environment by providing developmentally appropriate counseling services based on best practices.

Services Provided

​The counseling department at Alton C. Crews is here to help support your child academically, socially and emotionally.  We work with students, parents and teachers and in by scheduling SST (Student Support Team) meetings to help students that may struggle academically or socially as well. We also provide career counseling and academic planning. 

Individual Counseling
Conduct individual counseling sessions with students referred by teacher, SST, parent, administrator, friend, other agency, or self-referred.
Students will complete a counseling referral form and leave in counselor’s box
Counselor will schedule a time for the counseling session.
Sessions will include identifying problems, expressing feelings, providing alternatives, making choices, designing plans of action, and academic counseling.
Follow-up to be done as needed.
Small Group Counseling
•          Organize and lead small group counseling sessions for students with personal and academic needs as requested, and provide support groups for students experiencing similar problems.  Small group sessions may include but not limited to the following topics:
Organization/Study SkillsConflict ResolutionPeer RelationsFamily changes•          Students can be recommended for small group counseling by administrators, teachers, parents, and through self-referrals.  Small group counseling sessions will be conducted for four to six sessions based on students’ needs and schedules.  The small groups for counseling will consist of 4 to 6 students. 
•          Teachers will be given notification of meeting dates and times.
•          Consult with teachers and parents on students’ behavior and progress following counseling sessions.
Classroom Guidance
•          The following topics may be presented to each grade level through classroom guidance (delivered through Social Studies class).
     *Counselor Orientation
     *Study Skills
     *Bullying/Sexual Harassment
     *Career Awareness
     *High School 101 – Getting ready for high school –  High school Peerleaders
     *Other topics as needed or requested by teachers 

Counseling Crisis Situations
•          When a crisis occurs that impacts students or staff, counselors will provide classroom support or individual counseling.
•          Follow-up sessions will be done if necessary and counselor will meet privately with individual students if needed.
School Wide Programs
     *Care Team
     *Career Week activities
     *Starbucks tutoring/ Organization
     *Diveristy Awareness Week